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Catalina has extensive experience as a pastry Chef. Graduated from The Art Institute of Culinary Arts in Fort Lauderdale. in 2003  Certified Food Manager and food protection practices. Experience in the bakery industry, having worked as a pastry Chef division in the Ritz Carlton Hotel, creating the most lavishing cakes and pastries, working with the most known Master Pastry Chef Frederick Monett, Carlos Maike, and Ludwig Heer. Holding a Master’s in Business and Finance at the University of American Intercontinental. Catalina Rodriguez Chef is the owner of Celebrity City Cakes. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



Claudia, an Interior designer, Graduated in 1989 At John Robert Powers School of fashion/ Design. At The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Owner Dream Party Planner and Design in Colombia S.A. A Sugar Artist with more than 32 years of experience. With a Certificate in Marketing Management/ License Realtor and Marketing a Broker Business.

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I’m thrilled to welcome you into my culinary home full of culture, exceptional cakes, and unforgettable memories. They are handcrafted and baked fresh each morning using 100% natural ingredients.




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Since the age of nine, I have had a love for baking. It was first inspired by my Great Grand Mother (Coqui)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​and as her favorite granddaughter., I was spoiled. She called me her little ANGEL, and from a young age, she always told me that she would not see me turn 15 years old. 2 years before my Quince Party (my 15th birthday), she passed away. The day I turned 15, after the party, I took all my flowers to her grave, and still today, my dear coqui is in my heart. I loved baking cookies, cakes, and cupcakes. I continued with my studies in Law. I joked around that one day I'd own my own baking shop. After two years in Law School, I moved to Miami and pursued my dream of becoming a pastry chef. 


I worked at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Pastry Department, and my experience there taught me to create the most lavish cakes and pastries.  Working with the most well-known Master Pastry Chef Frederick Monett, Carlos Mike, and Ludwig Heer.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ pushed me to channel my creativity.

I then participated in various special events nationwide and became a creator of various techniques of cooking. After years of working in pastry art, I decided to pursue a master's in Business and Finance at American Intercontinental University. While there, I was offered a job as a director in a well-known company, which led me to a different field where I managed more than 32 employees. 


Then in 2011, I founded CCCakes with my best friends, my mother, and my younger sister. Holding a Certificate in Food Management, I then obtained a license for the baking business. Since then, I have created the most lavish and delicious cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. 


After having some health issues some years ago, I had to change my eating habits to become sugar-less and gluten-free, and now I enjoy the world of organic foods. This has helped me improve my health-giving me more energy and seeing the results of how healthier foods can change your life while still enjoying your favorite snack; I decided to launch a NEW product that includes my life-changing experience. I started baking the Organic line, including Sugar-free and gluten-free pastries. I won't deny that I was worried at first, because gluten-free and sugar-free don't sound appealing. Luckily, I have the best tasters a woman could ever ask for. My husband and son. I was lucky enough 

to meet my husband, my soul mate and best friend. And our son, who I won't deny is the most amazing kid. With their support and through their tasting skills, I learned just how delicious these creations truly are.

Working Mother of 3 Beautiful Daughters My oldest is a Lawyer, Cathy My Chef, and My youngest a Doctor.

Married for over 45 years with my first love, we are the notebook.

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My Great Grand Mother (Elvira) and Grand Mother (Coqui) were the best gourmet bakers I ever knew. At that time, that was not even a career; it was a must. I learned so much from them, especially Coqui. She was a wonderful woman and teacher. I can still hear her voice, like whispers in my ears, reminding me what comes next in a dish or what to try to spice things up. I enjoyed learning about baking so much when I was 14, I would go to after-school baking classes where they also taught me the art of sugar art.  That is where I learned how to make exotic flowers from sugar, beautiful and all edibles. When My Great Grand Mother died at the age of 104, and then Coqui at the age of 85, I have continued with what they taught me. I still miss them and carry on their legacy. I have done so many things through the creativity I was instilled, including Opening a Boutique Store as an Event Planner and Design in Bogota, Colombia, and creating events for major corporations and TV sets.


In 1998 became a Realtor in Residential and Commercial Real Estate with Remax and won top producer awards of excellence. Through my designing skills. Creativity and imagination, I started baking the recipes that I acquired from my grandmothers as a hobby, creating a uniquely special experience for my family and friends. 


My passion for design and art has come in handy running a cake business. With over 23 years of experience running various businesses and my own Design Business; I have been able to bring my experiences full circle as I share my baking and decorating passion online with different outlets and formats.

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The first Organic bakery in South Florida 
We bring our delicious ORGANic SUGAR-FREE GLUTEN-FREE cakes TO YOUR DOOR


Our Concept is Simple.

We offer merely delicious natural cakes, focused primarily on our outstanding organic sugar-free gluten-free and artisanal cookies, products with friendly and efficient service, with excellent all-natural organic products for our cake goods and accompaniment with an online -store environment.

Every great experience is looked upon as an adventure. We aim to deliver these organic cake adventures to every and each guest, every day. Enjoying each bite and savoring our unique and natural flavors where you can taste the freshness on each special bite making you feel as though you have entered another country like Italy, Greece, or France. Bustling with friendly bakers’ goers that help you. To explore something new and tantalizing, that enhances a variety of your senses. As a Celebrity City Cakes customer, we hope to leave you a long-lasting impression.



To deliver you upscale fresh and enticed a casual experience that arouses you setting our brand apart from everyday fast online stores. We ensure an over-the-top experience that each customer will cherish and share with others.


Sharing happiness by preparing healthy organic sugar-free gluten-free baking goods with love, providing exceptional service, and with exceptional care and knowledge in baking healthy.


To understand the rising demand and expectation of today’s healthy food consumers. To deliver the very best upscale experience in organic sugar-free and gluten-free adventures, that will create a lasting experience on our everyday guests.

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