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  • How should I store my cake once it arrives?
    If you plan to enjoy your cake within 6-8 days, keep it sealed and at room temperature. After cutting, keep it wrapped to preserve freshness. You can be freeze for up to 2 months. Leaving it at room temperature for 4 hours before serving.​
  • How many people does one cake serve?
    Our cakes are 4 inches in diameter and can be divided into 2 slices for breakfast, Teatime, or snack” slices. The 8" in diameter cake can be divided into 8 generous slices.
  • How do cakes stay fresh during shipping?
    Our Mini Cakes seal securely in food-safe wrap inside a box that fits 4 mini cakes. Is placed inside another box for safe arrivals. ​ For the 8" Cake, We seal securely in a box that is placed inside another box for safe arrivals and to preserve freshness!
  • Why olive oil and not butter ?
    Olive Oil cakes tend to stay moist and tender for longer than cakes made with butter. Ideal breakfast treat, or even as an afternoon snack. Very Accros Greece, Italy, and beyond. Extra virgin olive oil provides moisture, tenderness, and complexity totally addictive treat! Olive oil cuts down on "bad" cholesterol, and saturated fat is considered a "good" fat; it also adds extra antioxidants (natural chemicals that help protect our cells) and vitamin E, giving your desserts a heart-healthy boost. ​
  • Cakes & Cookies time Delivery
    Our cookies and cakes are made to order. ​ We ship only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Corporate gifting program?
    Corporate gifts with options. We are happy to customize your gift card. Or, call us and personalize your account will assist you directly.​

Organic cakes, Sugar free, Gluton free

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